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Case Study

Big Data. Big Brand.

Datameer is enterprise software for big data analytics which enables the analyst to integrate any data, analyze, and visualize the data faster. The objective is to create a brand identity that is distinct, memorable, scalable, cohesive, and able to translate across all mediums.

Project Scope
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Print Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Event Graphics

The Challenge

At the stage of early establishment, they immediately faced a level of competition. As a startup, they needed a complete branding solution. I was hired to design the company logo. The very first thing they needed was to establish brand awareness, which defines the core products and company brand image.

The Approach

After an in-depth discussion with the founder and the marketing team, the concept simply came from the name of Datameer itself “Data” and “Meer”, which the word Meer means sea or ocean. The visual required to include ocean wave elements. Why blue? Blue is known as the color most preferred by men, evoking ties to the corporate world. Furthermore, blue is associated with reliability and loyalty. If there was to be one color associated with the ocean, it would be blue.

DM Business Card
DM Business Card
Business card
Datameer 1st Generation

Brand Guidelines

To establish a strong brand identity, consistency is the key. Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business stands for, allowing your business to communicate your purpose, your personality, and your promises. A consistent tone of voice, and a consistent brand identity, help keep a business on-message. Having a set of brand guidelines mean that the right branding is easily accessible to everyone, so everyone knows how to use it properly.

OOH Ad Campaign

Our customers’ success stories had inspired us to share the facts that they had benefited from using Datameer technology. The advertising concept was created based on industry verticals that successfully implemented the technology.

“One of the best designers I ever worked with. Creative, professional, and always help to make things happen!”

Stefan Groschupf, Founder & CEO, Automation Hero; Founding CEO of Datameer

Corporate Website

Online presence is key to building your brand. Establishing Datameer brand online will have two main facets to it: the artistic one and the technical one. I helped Datameer to solve both challenges. As a result, the website did not only look beautiful aesthetically, but also improved the usability and experience. As a marketing tool, it drives more visitors and double the conversion rate.

wandisco new website

Tradeshow Booth Graphics

“Edwin is keenly capable of translating the pithy text into visuals that are instantly understood. He has a great sense of design and color, producing pleasing and meaningful brands, graphics, presentations, websites and collateral.”

Karen Hsu, Chief Executive Officer at BlockchainIntel (formerly Senior Director Product Marketing at Datameer)