Client: BEMA Electronics

Electronics Manufacturing Identity Rebrand.

With over two decades of manufacturing experience, BEMA is the ideal choice for advanced electronics manufacturing with full systems integration and sophisticated surface mount technology. Edwin helped them re-pioneer, comprehensively shaping a new brand vision, experience, systems, and touchpoints to appeal to their customers.

Project Scope
  • Logo Identity Rebrand
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System

Logo Rebrand


Old Bema


BEMA Identity
DM Business Card
BEMA Signage
BEMA office

Website Design and Development

Bema website

“Edwin is a great listener who takes the time to truly understand his customer’s needs. He excels at taking a company’s vision for design and artwork to the next level. Edwin was also extremely accommodating in working with our tight deadline as well as incorporating all of our last-minute updates.”

Teresa Wingfield, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cisco